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My mom is taking these pills and her arthritis has improved a lot. “Have you seen the new natural supplements at the health product store?  “You should try that for your knees. “. If you live with arthritis, all your family members and even the co-worker have surely told you what they thought about the supplements (ie, herbs, vitamins, and other natural products that you can take by mouth) that could relieve your stiffness and pain. Should you take these supplements to ease your arthritis symptoms? The answer: yes and no. Herbal supplements can contain many molecules, and researchers are not yet fully aware of all the ingredients and all their interactions. In addition, just because a product is natural does not mean that it is necessarily good for you. “Do not forget to tell your healthcare professional about all the supplements you are taking because they may affect your other medications. My name is Clack and welcome to my blog where I share practices on how to relief and deal with this illness .

Many people with joint pain avoid moving for fear of aggravating problems. However, exercising properly is exactly the opposite.

Not only does this strengthen the joints, but physical exercise is also essential to maintain your optimal weight.

Overweight has catastrophic effects on osteoarthritis. The extra pressure on the cartilage aggravates the inflammation.

It is customary to consider that every kilo you lose reduces the pressure on your knees by 4 kilograms, and 6 kilos on your hips.

It is very important to warm up before moving. Making gentle movements such as shrugging your shoulders, turning your head, making circles with your arms, leaning gently forward and to the sides, allows you to get quietly off the road. Repeat every movement 3 to 5 times.

Stretching exercises, where you stretch all your limbs, are particularly suitable for joint pain.

Keep your skin clean and protected, use a humidifier at home to prevent your skin from drying out. It is the same for the application of ointments or lotions that will protect and soften your skin. Avoid heavily scented products or those containing dyes and dyes. They may aggravate the symptoms of psoriasis. If these simple measures are not enough to control psoriasis, consultation with a specialist (or dermatologist) is required. In some people, better control of the skin can result in better control of the appearance of arthritis.

As in all forms of arthritis, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a vital part of the treatment plan for psoriatic arthritis. Poor nutrition, lack of exercise and a high level of stress often cause a sudden surge of the disease. Eating well, exercising and relaxing are some of the good habits that are highly recommended.

Finally, it is very important to optimize the organization of your interior to avoid painful movements.

Depending on your most affected joints (wrists, knees, hip, spine), equipment exists that will help you accomplish your daily tasks by limiting the stresses of your painful joints.

If you are in charge of children or grandchildren, it can be very distressing to be unable to do certain activities with them. However, a person with osteoarthritis must remember that being present for the child is much more important than being a super-active parent.